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Protect Your Vision From Miscarriage

Have you ever been so excited about a business or ministry idea that you could not wait to share your excitement, and details, with someone in your family, or, a close friend? You hoped they would share your enthusiasm, but instead, you were met with apathy, doubt, or major discouragement: "You've never done something like that before. How do you expect to pull it off?" "That is going to cost millions of dollars. Why don't you come up with something more realistic?" "No one has ever done that before. It will never work." "Didn't you learn your lesson with that last business you tried? Why don't you see if you can get promoted on your job so that you can make stable money that way?"

If you've ever shared your heart with people who are important to you, and were met with these responses, or similar ones, you are not alone. Sharing your vision with the wrong crowd can knock the wind out of your sails. It is common to misjudge the readiness of the people we care for because our love for them can cloud our line of sight to discern where they are in their mental, emotional and spiritual maturity.

Although, it is possible that there are individuals who might be jealous or envious of what you carry as a visionary and a leader, and want to interfere with your progress, I tend to find that many that speak death to your hopes and dreams don't want to hurt you. They simply have limiting beliefs and a narrow world view that blocks their ability to see beyond what is necessary to achieve greatness, not only for you, but for themselves. It is not personal. They just haven't done the work, yet. Their lack of intent does not change the fact that their vocalized unbelief can be detrimental to your progress, if you are not careful.

Practice discussing your vision with those who need to know, and no one else. Who needs to know? When you think about this, you will probably find that the list is very short, and it is typically comprised of entrepreneurial and life coaches, instructors, mentors, a knowledgeable and trustworthy friend, or two, and someone who knows how to confidentiality get a prayer through.

As you walk out the vision, this list will conservatively expand to include people who are directly involved with carrying the dream forward.

During this season, you might learn that a person in which you have shared your details and processes, is not as ready as you thought. Maybe they don't understand the need for the sacrifices that you are making … or how long it should be taking. Maybe they don't possess the mindset required to adequately support you along your journey. Whatever the reason, don't internalize their sentiments. People can't give you what they don't have. Don't initiate discussions regarding your plans in the future. If they do, thank them for their interest in your updates and generalize your responses.

If you had a newborn infant, you would not put him in the arms of just anyone who is willing and eager to hold him. You would take care in selecting who is allowed the privilege of handling your precious gift. Likewise, when it comes to your vision, you must use wisdom to protect and nurture the dream that God has impregnated within you. He will surely see that it comes to fruition, healthy and strong.

“The wise lay up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool brings ruin near.” - Proverbs‬ ‭10:14‬ ‭ESV

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