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Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Master Chaplain, Life Elevation Strategist, Coach and Motivational Speaker, Euvonka Farabee has facilitated and designed numerous training sessions and materials for the benefit of her clients. Not only is Coach Farabee a sought-after public speaker, but she possesses over 30 years in the field of sales, consultancy, real estate, and insurance industry sectors. She has distinguished from others in her field by establishing a huge footprint with government agencies, public administrators, and team leaders as a result of her commitment to igniting innovation and creating an environment that fosters success.

Coach Farabee’s passion for helping people find joy and satisfaction in life was inspired by the downturn in the economy as well as the fear, grief, and confusion and failure of her own marriage and health as well as business endeavors. As such, she began to overcome these difficulties through intense research and determination to get on the other side of these adversities, including anxiety and depression, in order to arrive at a point of positive transformation by using life transitions.

At times and especially with absolute purpose, Coach Farabee believes it is critical to one’s personal and professional success, to reflect on the past to successfully move forward into rebuilding sustainability and expanding future growth.


To this end, she guides her clients through the process of embracing their skills and an attitude by using a personalized approach that helps them cope with drastic life-changing events and complexities of career change as well as overcoming lack of productivity. While consistently utilizing her natural strengths, confidence, and calmness in guiding her clients through their life journey, she is also involved in justice reform advocacy aimed at developing special programs that promote positive changes with the incarcerated. Despite her career and personal achievements, Coach Farabee remains a humble and approachable individual with a genuine interest in helping people pick up the pieces of their lives as well as initiating rebuilding processes that culminate in a successful and happier life.

Coach Farabee holds a Doctorate of Theology from the HSBN International School of Ministry, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management from Mount Saint Mary’s University, is a Master Chaplain, and holds various licenses and certifications in the insurance and real estate industries.

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