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Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Master Chaplain, Life Elevation Strategist, Coach and Motivational Speaker, Dr. Euvonka Farabee has facilitated and designed numerous training sessions and materials for the benefit of her clients. Not only is Coach Farabee a sought-after public speaker, but she possesses over 30 years in the field of sales, consultancy, real estate, and insurance industry sectors. She has distinguished from others in her field by establishing a huge footprint with government agencies, public administrators, and team leaders as a result of her commitment to igniting innovation and creating an environment that fosters success.

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Personal Coaching For Individuals

Developing a blueprint for your next level of advancement in your personal life, entrepreneurial endeavor, and/or career can be a challenge beyond your gifts and abilities. Additionally, adverse circumstances, personal missteps, or disappointments can be the root of difficulty. Moreover, you may be in a comfortable place and sense it is time for higher heights without a plan to identify and reach the next milestone. Whatever the situation, it can be difficult to see the picture of your life when you are living inside of a frame. One of Coach Farabee’s personal coaching programs will help you forge a path to gain the insight, mindset, and game plan to effectively manage change that leverages advancement for life promotion. 

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Training and Coaching Development for Groups

 The coaching process is customized to the specific needs of a corporation and brought into a group context to assist teams with the identification of challenges that impede organizational development, productivity, and profitability. Solutions are established via goal-setting, key actions and accountability standards. Various team training programs are designed to enhance core capabilities and improve communications such as boundaries training, conflict resolutions, change management, and other coach tenets are also available.

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